Oktoberfest takes place in Germany two years later

The famous Oktoberfest beer festival began in Munich yesterday, September 17, after a two-year break related to the coronavirus pandemic.

At the official opening ceremony of the festival, the Mayor of Munich solemnly uncorked the first barrel of beer.

According to the news agency, in addition to the pandemic, which has negatively affected the brewing industry, brewers are experiencing serious financial difficulties due to inflation. In comparison with 2019, the price per liter of beer has increased by 15%, and now it is about 14 euros.

As a rule, Oktoberfest gathers about 5 million people. In 2019, 7.3 million liters of beer were drunk at the festival, 124 bulls and 29 calves were eaten.

Oktoberfest takes place in Germany two years later
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